Catch The Flavour!

Client: Foster Clark’s Products
Industry: Food & Beverage

The Brief

To develop a campaign to convey the brand’s inherent product strengths of freshness, fun.

The Creative Solution

In this route two elements – wave and splash – have been selected and given a whole new look. The wave is now a giant wave of orange juice filling the space in a visual dramatisation of how Foster Clark’s Orange Juice, made from the juiciest Valencia oranges, can easily quench anyone’s thirst for refreshment and fun on a hot summer day. For the splash and a touch of humour, the giant orange juice wave is shown swirling into a glass held out to “catch” a splash of Foster Clark’s Orange Juice. The flavour range at the bottom serves as a reminder of other Foster Clark’s fruit juices enhanced by a graphic signature line lifted from the product labels.

The Outcome

The campaign was adapted in all different medias, in English and Arabic, which resulted in sales increase for the brand.